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Newspaper Print & Magazine Proof Services

"A pre-render service for you"

What is Newsprint & Magazine Proof Services?

A Newsprint or a Magazine Proof is a brilliant way to preview how your project will look on a final print from the high-resolution digital file. This process sets a realistic expectation.

Importance of Newsprint Proofing

A prepress proof sets a bridge between customer and printer. The proofs act as a reference guide for any adjustments to be made before the final print run. This proofing is a cost-effective service that provides a perfect visual copy to the customer.

Proofing Niche Involves Print Media Businesses

  • Newspaper printing press
  • Periodical Magazines publishers
  • Advertising agencies

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Photostop’s Proofing

Photostop provides Cyan Magenta Yellow Black proofing exclusively for publication and media industry. Many Advertising agencies and news media businesses are currently using this service of Photostop and gaining immense benefits concerning time and cost.

Epson SureColor SC-P9000, the 11 color printer helps in achieving the best result as it produces a wide gamut of colors and gives a clear-cut idea of final output.

We use software like
  • Star proof Colour management system
  • Harlequin RIP for its proofing solutions
Photostop's Proof Process: After receiving a high-resolution PDF file, Photostop provides the beforehand printing solution. We can do proofing from 65 LPI (lines per inch) to 220 LPI and deliver it to customers anywhere in India. "Enjoy the luxury of Visual copy, beforehand"


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